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This is a list of active projects I take part in. To see all projects I have created or been a part of go to my Portfolio blog category.

WordPress Plugin Seed

WPSeed Logo for Facebook Profile ImageWordPress Plugin Seed is a boilerplate plugin I created for WordPress. A boilerplate is basically a template for creating something new. It gives us a head-start when it comes to planning the initial design and building the core of a plugin. The seed plugin can save a developer more than 20 hours as the need to research and debug is reduced greatly.

View the WordPress Plugin Seed projects full information.


Multitool WordPress Plugin Mobile Friendly ViewThe WordPress Multitool plugin I created is unique compared to any of its type. I designed three technical categories: Quick Tools, Configuration Tools, and Advanced Tools. Each type offers a distinct user interface and tools are designed to work within that interface. The result is a consistent user experience.

View the Multitool projects full information.


TwitchPress WordPress to Twitch to WordPressI created the best WordPress plugin for and on it is officially named, ‘Channel Solution for Twitch’.  The plugin offers a strong extension system for endless expansion and with extensions, it can make full use of Kraken (Twitch API). A WP blog owner can build a unique Twitch system for personal use or to provide public services to other gamers.

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CODE Portal for Primary Schools

Stretched Out Concept with ColourThe CODE Portal is currently in the research phase and a prototype will be created soon. The goal is to create a free intranet solution for teaching the fundamentals of Computer Science. The portal will be designed to follow the UK national curriculum for Computer Science, teaching coding and programming.

View the CODE Portal projects full information.

WordPress Data Importer

Until I created TwitchPress, this was my largest project and despite a lot of time passing since its release. I am far from finishing it. I will keep on updating this importer to suit my needs and my customer’s needs. The plugin is being sold on CodeCanyon.

View the WordPress Data Importer projects full information.

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