Hire Me

Hire me to work on your PHP issue, WordPress setup or Social Media management. I’ve added information about myself to help you discover many ways to get to know who I am i.e. visit my online communities, talk to people who have known me for a long time and see evidence of my work.

Payment Methods

Let me know your preferred payment method and I will consider it.

  • PayPal is my main online method: squeekycoder@gmail.com
  • Send me a cheque payable to Ryan R. Bayne
  • You can pledge on Patreon.com to pay me.

High Standards

I take pride in ethical practices and strongly believe it is the reason people return to me for professional work and online assistance. This is the reason I create cultivate my own communities and bring my clients together to publicly expose my work results.

  • I work because I enjoy it, not because it makes me money. But I do have a family of four children to feed and take my work seriously.
  • I wouldn’t get joy out of stealing other peoples ideas, so I don’t do it. I believe I’m intelligent enough to establish ideas that suit my skills and interests.
  • My quote decreases when the work I do takes less time than predicted. I would rather encourage my client to spend the money they save on hiring me again.
  • My privacy ethics are simple, be loyal to the client! Data and general information are respected for life, not just during the project. I delete most files and data anyway. All drives are destroyed and nobody has access to my files.

Example Services

Just some of the services I offer, not all. You should send me details about the task you need me to do within the world of PHP, WordPress, and Social Networking.

  • Mobile Ready Websites
  • Websites with user management.
  • WooCommerce Powered Websites
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Theme Setup
  • PHP Bug Fixes
  • Forum Setup
  • Advanced data migration using WordPress Data Importer

New Project Agreement Options

Please choose a New Project agreement when hiring me to create something new other than a website i.e. WordPress plugin. I will require your choice before agreeing to work with you.

Agreement 1: Open-Source Pledge

This agreement can save you money. If the work you need doing can be released to the public under my name then I will class the project on my own and your payment as crowdfunding. You will get what you need with as much as 50% discounted. The only reason to decline this option is to avoid making it easier for your competition who might use the public script/plugin/theme without paying anything.

If your project has many features you can split it into phases and make the early work open-source. You will save money. You can then initiate more phases that are done in private and keep the best features hidden.

Agreement 2: Fully Private

You will be invoiced normal rates. All work done will be kept private. Information and files will be treated as sensitive. Nobody will have access to project files without your permission.

Agreement 3: Partially Private

This agreement gives me permission to share the work with others if it will raise money for us both. This includes selling the final work on sites like CodeCanyon which allow you to confirm new sales and covers any trust issues. I might also share your project with a backer who can give permission to share their own partially private project with you when I think it will help. This agreement basically gives me permission to make deals that saves or makes us both profits while limiting competitor access. You will be notified of all activity.

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