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When I have a boss I do things the way my boss likes things to be done. Right now,
as a Web Development Freelancer…I’m my own boss! I get to do things the
way I prefer. So let me tell you a little about the way I am when I work.

  • I work because I enjoy it, not because it makes me money.
  • I wouldn’t get joy out of stealing other peoples ideas, so I don’t do it.
  • My quote decreases when the work I do takes less time than predicted.
  • My ethics are simple, be loyal to the client!
  • I don’t fear responsibility and can take ownership of every action.
  • I’m a champion for accountability and hold myself accountable.

My Services

These are some of the services I provided personally. I only outsource work if
your request comes with a deadline that isn’t realistic for one person and I have
your permission. Unlike thousands of developers, I don’t do it in secret and claim
otherwise. I can do long and fast sprints. I have been hired to work 48 hours
without sleep in the past but it’s costly.

  • Mobile Ready Websites
  • Websites with user management.
  • WooCommerce Powered Websites
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Theme Setup
  • PHP Bug Fixes
  • Forum Setup
  • Advanced data migration using WordPress Data Importer

Get Free Support

Free support* is a developers way of giving back to communities or putting their
hand out to potential new customers. Collaboration happens without discussing
money and it’s a civil way to make first-contact.

  • I give 10 hours free support per week. I’m here to help!
  • I juggle 4 children, over 10 projects and other peoples problems free of charge.
  • I never ignore anyone even if it means replying with a link to a better place to get support.
  • I have setup many social communities to suit as many peoples support needs as possible.
  • I don’t normally ask for anything in return but I need your support too.

* Free Support is not free services including consultation.

Give Free Support

I’m now building a permanent portfolio. It will include evidence of my ability
to run communities and take advantage of social networks. I like,
content shares and comments but only 1 in 10 people will give me something back despite
helping them proceed and make progress. My target is to change that to 3 in 10
by simply asking nicely.

  • Please consider following the YouTube channel applicable to the topic I helped you with.
  • Search my Tweets and retweet one you like.
  • Leave an honest comment on one of my Facebook pages.
  • Join one of my Discord communities and introduce yourself.
  • Join one of my Skype communities and give advice to someone who is waiting for me.
  • Review me and my services or products on a site of you choose.
  • Blog about me or the thing I did for you with a link back to an application page.
  • Star the GitHub project related to the support I provided.

Let’s Talk Money

My fees are great because as a freelancer I don’t have business level overheads.
I also offer multiple methods of payment and many ways to get a discount or even
a free product.

  • PayPal is my main method but I accept any payment services allowed in the UK.
  • You can purchase a product from eBay or Facebook and 100% of the cost can be deducted from my final charges.
  • I accept cash by special delivery. I record the opening of the package, then counting of the money to prevent disputes.
  • Send me a cheque anytime!
  • You can pledge on Patreon.com for an agreed discount.
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