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Make a social connection with me and join the circle of people (developers and users) involved in my projects. Hang out with developers and users. Ask about me or WordPress or any of the projects mentioned on this site.

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DiscordYou can chat, share images, get a private room for the team discussion, and even voice chat (VOIP) in private. All of this is free on Discord and that makes it another great place for the community to hang out. I created the first WordPress server on Discord and have other servers.

SlackAnyone is welcome to join my main slack, created for a more relaxed gathering than the usual group. Slack is normally used by teams of developers and we can create a slack account per project. I created one in my name as a meeting place for getting to know slack and arranging access to my other projects. You do not have to be a developer and I welcome discussion about a wide range of subjects.

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Skype_logo.svgSkype allows public rooms to be created. I have created one for WordPress in general and some others for specific projects.

Patreon LogoThis isn’t so much a hangout site, it’s more of a sub-community that are joined in their effort to support me financially and drive my development. Sometimes I bring my Patrons together for special events and I’m doing my best to increase the perks of being my patron.

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WordPress Logo StackedFree plugins and themes have their own forum. It’s a great place to make very public feature requests. While your there please submit an effort filled review and consider translating for the rest of the WP community.

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