About Ryan R. Bayne

My name is Ryan and I was born in a fast growing Scottish town named Kirkcaldy. Most of my ambition is in WordPress development and as of 2017, I’m taking an entirely new approach to my work. In short, I’m now a Freelancer and I’ve established a way of managing projects that suits me and my customers very well. 

Brief History

The first ambition was joining the military. I had to beat asthma and I did. Luckily I spent entire days on biking adventures as a kid, my fitness wasn’t all that bad really. I joined the Army, specifically the Black Watch Infantry, full-time and then discharged to go to University. The bigger plan was to gain more qualifications and use them in a military career. So while at University, I was in the TA, spending my summer holidays and weekends training for some of the four years I studied.

Kneeling with the SA80, wearing the famous Red Hackle, 10 years ago

The Present

Now, a father of four and a volunteer for a local youth group where I use my offline-skills to create outdoor features. I’m as happy digging trenches in the pouring rains as I am typing code at my comfortable desk. I’m planting various seeds to create a healthy life for myself and my family. Right now, that includes a complex plugin for WordPress called TwitchPress. 

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