My First Polytunnel

The title may sound like a toy-tunnel for a toddler but what I had to build wasn’t child’s-play. It was a unique challenge that taught me a lot and I genuinely want to build another to make use of my new skills. Luckily for me my neighbour George, recently retired after 40 years in the RAF, joined in to help. Absolute legend that man!

What happened was, around 12 hours before being handed the instructions for a 14ft polythene (greenhouse-like) structure. Someone from YMCA Kirkcaldy, who I work beside as a volunteer, asked me if I would “help with the poly-tunnel tomorrow”. Now, being the helpful community spirited volunteer that I am, I jumped at the chance to do something new and important. By the end of day one we had the foundations postcreted and I became the sole person responsible for the entire build. There I stood with a fat book of instructions filled with paragraph after paragraph of text and diagrams of parts I’d never seen in my life. That night I sat up past midnight studying the instructions – that right there is my first piece of advice if you’ve come across this page because your about to build one yourself. Study the instructions before starting, just as the instructions instruct us to do actually…haha!

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