I see you falling, you can settle near me and I will enjoy everything you are.

You do seem tired, it’s time to rest now, it will soon be night and frost is coming.

That’s a good spot you’ve chosen though, now you can rest and feel proud.

Can I ask, what was it like…being so high, day and night?

You are one of many, are you not? Not less important than the others…but equal.

It seems you and the others have done your job, and now summer has ended, you did ever so well!

I can see you are changed by the autumn cold, but be proud of your age and growing old.

When it’s my time to rest when my job is done. I will float down and lay on my own spot.

Hopefully in the wild, among my friends too. I want people to think about me in the same way as I think about you.

One of many, each with a purpose, unique and special but part of something bigger than myself.

My job, done well, my final act just as important as the life I had.

Just like you…little leaf.