Washing Machine Fault – An excuse to remove screws from something!

The average person has never seen inside their household electrical’s and unless they are like me, they never will. In a way that’s a shame because we are surrounded by technology…so why not understand it a little more by removing some screws?!

When I begin removing screws from an appliance (that should be unplugged…hint) I often think about the years of practice I had, between about eight and sixteen years old. That is where I get the confidence from to open up a £400 washing machine. The issue I dealt with was actually a very simple blockage and didn’t require repair or replacement of any parts. I hate to think people on a low-budget pay for this to be solved.

Faulty Washing Machine: Error 20 (E20)

The constant E20 message on my washing machine had annoyed me for too long and I was confident it was related to the water pump…the water stuck inside the machine was a hint! The filter in the pump which can be accessed from the the face of the machine is meant to turn until it comes out (for cleaning) but it wouldn’t turn 360 degrees. I could get the machine to complete washes but it was difficult.

I tipped it on it’s side…took the water pump apart and found treasure!

There was money, an align key, a small spanner (from a Christmas cracker I reckon) and hair-bands. The two tools were the reason the filter could not turn 360 degrees.

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