Outdoor Play Session Work

Today I supported a colleague who works in the Kirkcaldy, Gallatown Gardens and Wild Play Area. I work as a volunteer building and repairing items. I often find myself surrounded by kids interested in what I’m doing and I let them help because they really enjoy it. Today I was invited to support the session for a primary school’s P5’s (9-10 year olds) and it went very well thanks to the effort of the kids themselves really – they really used their imagination and teamwork skills. The overall session was highly positive and possibly raised the bar a little for future sessions.

I found myself being extremely praised by some little people who greatly appreciated my support. One kid even said, “This is the best day ever” and that was because she found herself capable of using various materials to construct something that her imagination came up with – I didn’t suggest a raft at all. Other children showed a lot of appreciation for unique activities including digging for actual treasure (Batman related key-ring/chain stuff – we’ll come up with more ideas for this).

  • Activities today included digging for treasure…
  • Building a raft (my main task during this session)
  • Adding snails to a Snail Fort
  • Planting and watering in the polytunnel and grownbeds

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