Suffering Flu, or COVID19 in October 2019

On October 28th 2019, I Tweeted about my 2nd flu in my entire life. I had suffered flu about a year before, it put me to bed for a couple of days as I could barely move. Getting flu twice in such a short time, opened my eyes and I now pay attention to immunization dates.

I recently came across my Tweet, and was reminded that my second flu felt different enough to mention it on Twitter. So I typed up this blog post, which has been edited because a couple of days after publishing it I came across a news article in the Daily Mail about hospitals in China. Using satellite imagery over Chinese hospitals, they claim a theory I now support, that COVID19 was in the UK in October because it was thriving in China then also!

He said that on 10 October 2019 there were 285 cars parked at Wuhan’s Tianyou Hospital – 67 per cent more than the 171 recorded that same day a year earlier.

Along with another hospital, there appeared to be a significant increase in hospital staff. This indicates that the Chinese hid the virus and gave themselves enough time to destroy all pre-outbreak research on the virus.

My Illness

The months following my illness. I suffered tinnitus in both ears, permanently, all day and night, right up to around August 2020, with it coming and going very occasionally to this day. So it really hit me hard.

My balance was bad and I was walking into door-ways. Banging my shoulders constantly and walking into the corners of beds. The ringing in my eyes was loud, and I could figure out three distinctive frequencies of sound which made it all the more annoying. Some nights as I tried to sleep, I genuinely thought a car alarm was going off and would look out the window. I learned to ignore all alarms, for my sanity!

There is no ignoring tinnitus though or my balance issues at the time. What was obvious is that my high temperature of 42.3 Celsius (recorded electronically) was to blame and I became concerned about my brain. Apparently, at that temperature I should have called a doctor, which I feel at the time but four kids kept my other-half really busy and I couldn’t express myself well – I was just focusing on breathing.

I a scar on my back from a cyst that grew during the weeks I recovered, just another sign of how drained I felt and that my body was struggling. On walking into a door-frame, my cyst burst open, tearing my skin and leaving an ugly scar. My kids rushed to me, as I shouted out and dropped to my hands and knees. Blood running down my back. I called Zara to ask her to come home, not sure how bad it was going to be and having kids to look after. I called her back and told her she can continue with her night out, because I just had to show my kids how tough their Dad is.

What a rough time, which I coped well with at my age but anyone 10 years older and with an existing condition. Would easily be hospitalized by what I suspect was the flu, but was it?


It is possible, that the two Chinese takeaway deliveries we had early October, were produced by people who had recently visited China or were in close contact by Chinese nationals who recently entered the country. If COVID19 existed in China early October, it stands to reason that I may have had COVID19 despite the official date of first detection being November 17th 2019. Problem with that date is, that the Chinese Peoples Party hide and delay everything. Many medical staff, mainly Doctors, wouldn’t dare raising the alarm and putting themselves in the spotlight in a country like China. So we do have to wonder, and scrutinize China on this.

Did I need to order takeaway to catch a virus? Considering the number of people falling ill in my community and putting it down to the flu. I’d say no and that all those people suffering the flu for the first time were actually experiencing COVID.

March, Fevers Again

Early March 2020, a week after walking past a tall persistently coughing boy (who I refer to as Coughing Boy), in ASDA. My entire family fell ill with something worse than a cold and with conjunctivitis as one of the symptoms. This was before anyone knew anything about the virus and so nobody in the store was alarmed.

Coughing Boy and his father looked well traveled, something I observed even before knowing about the seriousness of COVID19. What can I say, maybe his persistent coughing got my attention for too long! Some of our symptoms in March matched COVID19, along with many other people in our area who were describing an illness like they had never had before. Temperatures were very high and there were a lot more worried parents than usual. I know this as a father of four.

Nobody I know has felt the need to be tested since March and I hear nothing about anyone falling ill. So do we have immunity, for now?

Update 14th October 2020

I just came across a BBC News website article about a 45 year old man who has permanently lost his hearing, after suffering COVID19. What is very striking is that he suffered tinnitus just like I did back in October. My symptoms lasted months and based on the medical science in the article. I feel lucky not to have lost my hearing completely. It just sounds so much like what I experienced…but in October 2019!

I’m convinced the Chinese have hidden the virus for a longer period than governments are talking about. I not only believe that but I believe our government wants to turn a blind eye to it, because evidence means they need to react and that is a whole other level of politics with China.

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