My First Photoshop: Try it yourself!

Came across my first attempt at Photoshop today, from about 10 years back. I wish I had started this blog ten years back too but I’m posting this now because I didn’t.

I took this myself, a church next-door to my home at the time.
I took this on the same day as the church.
Brought it together with some lighting affects.

Then I used Photoshop to bring those two pics together, taking with a 10 megapixels camera, I think. This took 2-3 hours, including learning some Photoshop features for the first time and you would just need to Google for tutorials on each of the affects you want to apply.

This example isn’t great, I could do way better now, but it was a fun first project so I thought I’d share it. Old buildings have a lot of interesting brickwork, various window shapes and the grounds often have well cared for gardens. A castle or mansion would work the same.

Maybe you could do it with your own house, put some freaky faces in the windows just to give yourself nightmares!

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