My COVID-19 Post, everyone should have one!

Firstly, As a father of four, (ages 3 to 10) I’m available to chat with other parents during this time and figure things out together. The Coronavirus is a sensitive topic but we must add our thoughts to the nations pool-of-opinions – in my opinion.

Costs of Lockdown

A growing number of people are questioning the wisdom of lock-down. On the surface, it seems sensible. Keep everyone apart and the virus cannot be passed to others. Hospitals will cope. Now ask an abused child what they think of lock-down.

The point I’m making is far greater than our individual experiences during lock-down: a strategy to save lives, apparently with many severe costs. My point begins with the value of life. We already know that life is not more important than everything. If it were, the British would have let Germany roll over France and keep it, to save lives. Luckily it’s not in our nature to put lives ahead of freedom, one example of something we’ll risk our lives for.

Sadly, child abuse isn’t one of those things we’ll go to war over. The nation, apparently all nations. Seem to be more than happy to keep most children at hom, without choice or opportunity to speak out against it. Those suffering abuse or watching abuse between their parents and siblings. Weren’t giving a choice, a way out, the option of avoiding abuses and the opportunity to exist in their usual routine. Possibly the only thing that helps them cope and see a few hours in the day that feel normal.

So, what are the costs of lock-down for the entire nation when thousands more children become victims or their victimization increases? I don’t have numbers to quote because no-one important seems to be talking about lock-down costs to children and how adolescent mental health services won’t be able to do a thing for them, for maybe two years due to appointment waiting times. Actually, nobody talks about the young much at all during the COVID-19 pandemic and the focus seems to be on the elderly in care homes. Not the new generation that is expected to help clean up the mess in the coming years. That “mess” including global warming and a damaged economy, will need humanity to be at it’s strongest and yet every move we make to protect humanity. Harms a generation whose voices are smaller, who’s rights are whatever their parents say they are and their world increasingly looks miserable.

Ask me in 50 years (if I live so long) if I’d accept the nation allowing a virus to sweep through it with a heard-immunity strategy. I like to think I’d choose to protect the young. Which doesn’t mean I don’t believe in some form of lock-down, I just don’t believe in this lock-down.

I’m simply on the side of the people who will pay a heavy price, and they might have a very different point of view. Whatever that point of view, I’d support them for it. Someone needs to!

Lazy Immune Systems

I’ve been reading that children experience very little symptoms. I also believe that someone at the age of 36 (me) has good chances of surviving the virus. I had the terrible flu, a year ago and a year before that I had a lesser flu which was the first time in my life. I was shocked to get it a second time so soon. I intended to get immunized and wow do I wish I had. My second and most “terrible flu” left my ears ringing for over a year, with dizziness included. I struggled to fall asleep most nights because it sounded like alarms were going off, even got an MRI from our amazing NHS.

So, I had lived for many years without experiencing the flu and didn’t give it any thought at all. My last vaccine would have been when I joined the Army at 17, maybe it was before that I don’t recall. I’ve learned a valuable lesson there, but I also know what I can cope with and I’m not worried about myself when it comes to this virus. I’m not worried about or my kids because they have no health issues that would complicate the fight.

What I’m more concerned about for my family. Is the access to vaccines still outstanding, we have a three-year-old. I’m also concerned about our immune systems becoming untested and lazy. I don’t know if someone in the NHS would use the term “Lazy Immune System” but I do know that we need to know a virus to fight a virus. That there are other illnesses out there we’re now all hiding from and when we all finally get back together, probably at New Year, we’re going to share a lot of new strains of stuff our bodies won’t know.

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