“Good morning plastic people” said a crew member in an orange suit, addressing what appeared to be a storage room for androids. It didn’t look like Star Trek at first, but that made it all the more intriguing. After watching episode one, I guessed what we were being shown.

Episode One: Data

The orange suited crew were mars workers at the beginning of episode two and within a very sort time, episode two delivered more of what the first gave us and it didn’t stop. I felt compelled to blog, about the new “Amazon Original” – Picard.

Episode one used futuristic technology to tell a Star Trek story in a way we’ve never seen. It was warm, detail was superior to any trek episode I’ve seen before and some scenes felt present-time from the beginning, because that is the style suited to Jean-luc Picards well established lore. Instantly, I had faith in the series and so far everyone I speak to feels the same.

The first episode is mainly about Commander Data, other than Picard himself.

Actors in their Prime

I watched, thinking and feeling, that Admiral Picard, Captain of the Starship Enterprise really had aged as a character. Not because he was acting an age, or even because Sir Patrick Stewart has actually aged, but because his acting is in it’s prime.

We see more experienced acting in episode two by an aged cast who take on a respected rank and position in Star Trek. I would have been fooled into believing it was a trek movie if I didn’t know any better.


The episode is largely about the android known as Commander Data. Throw in an old enemy, a technology that still isn’t understood by Starfleet and an explosion.

What we get from that recipe is enough to discover new unknowns and potentially see a new era of Starfleet begin to take shape (if even just a return to it’s former ways).

The question is, will it?!

Episode 2: “Sheer Fucking Hubris”

The conversation in which we hear the line “Sheer fucking hubris” will be one of the most remembered moments in the history of Picard. Not only was the introduction of swearing done so in a very special scene, it was deliberately quick and with emotion. It’s a moment that will go onto changing the Captain we know from the TNG series.

I feel his hand is about to be forced, his actions will be desperate but justified and his final adventure will ensure no other Captain in the future of Star Trek ever betters him, in canon or in the eyes of fans at-least until nearer the end of the 21st century.

We guess that Admiral Picard will once again, save Earth or even the United Federation of Planet. It depends what role the Borg cube (another ingredient) plays, you have watched episode one haven’t you?!

Near the end of the second episode, we are giving a taste of a darkened Starfleet and it is refreshing. The general feel of the episode, like the introduction of swearing to make story boundaries and limits very clear. The existence of secret agent and deadly events, already. It all screams that this recipe is one of much loss and it will be more than just red-shirts dropping like flies.