There will never be a decade like the one that just ended, not for me.

Ten years ago I become a father, was finishing University, becoming self-employed, tasted success, tasted failure, made parenting mistakes, learned from my mistakes and never gave up.

That is the short story, the long story isn’t all that fun at all and it has a lot to do with my willingness for the challenge. I’m now a Dad of four (the challenge) and together we make a unique family, with Selective Mutism, hyperactivity and other Autistic Spectrum Disorder concerns. On top of all that responsibility and difficulty, is my ambition which has had me burning the candle at both ends for long periods of time.

I could go on and on about parenting or my experience, this post could last forever but what would be the point in that? Nope, all I want to do is blog the decade and take a moment to let it all sink in. When I do, I realize that even the great times come with big emotions and it’s easy to forget that.

Reflection becomes a tool, a strategy and a crucial step in dealing with mental health, by the way. I should know, as a sufferer of chronic anxiety which keeps my mind insanely overactive and creates what I like to describe as “pop-up challenges”, like cardboard cut-outs designed to get in my way.

So not a straightforward decade, not the worst, not the best, but plenty to appreciate because even the struggles have made me stronger. I am here and ready for another decade which still involves nappies (diapers, poo), lots of cardboard cut-outs which I smash down easier in recent months and there is my ambition which is about to take me back into self-employment.

I think after a decade, it’s time to get more of what I want but if there is one thing I have learned about all others. It’s that we cannot do it alone, that communities are crucial to sustaining progress and repeating success. I look forward to that the most when it comes to my career, I’m open for business and it will be apparent by the start of 2020.