Original news report via North Korea missile developers hit by US sanctions – BBC News

After sanctions were applied to two North Korean officials. I guess more officials will be targetted from here on. We should note how important the latest sanctions are because they deal a blow to the North Korean economy and pressure on individuals will now create doubts in the Rocket-Man.

Doubt the Rocket-Man

It will take a few months for doubts to become whispers. The bigger the posse of sanctioned key-figures the easier the whispering will become. It will not surprise anyone if someone loses their head during those few months and it is that kind of event that will turn whispers to talk.

December 2018 Prediction

News and social media how has the inbuilt habit of returning 12 months before the current time. We enjoy short reminders of how far we have come so I’m no genius for predicting that in December 2018. The news and social media will remind us of the worrying and even funny moments that have been reported within the North Korea news category 12 months prior.

In 12 months from now. We will be reminded of the events that triggered the 12 months crumbling of a sinister regime and much infrastructure. Sadly leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. It will be the biggest humanitarian crises the world has ever seen.

Fall of Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump is interwoven within the Rocket-Man when it comes to any mention of North Korea up until now…apart from the occasional cheeky Tweet. When it comes to serious news, we won’t be hearing threats from Trump. President Trump seems to be letting the UN take the lead.

On that basis, I predict that December 2018 will remind us of the December 2017 sanctions that triggered the fall of Kim Jong-un and we will see few reminders that President Trump was a sole trigger in any military conflict that might arise.  If there was less loss of life and a regime change. Trump might be positively remembered as the president who stood up to the brutal North Korean regime and made it pay-off. I’m not predicting that part it’s going to be like playing a game of hangman for the next three years whatever happens in NK.

Festive Curtain

The festive period is the perfect time for Russia and China to put an end to Kim Jong-un as the West is deep into thoughts about Santa or harsh weather. The average person only caring about the affordability of broadband as prices increase and making the coming Christmas or New Year as good as before despite no wage rises.

I predict as the festive curtain is pulled over our eyes, Kim Jong-un will meet his end. The North Korean people will not be free, however. They will be trapped within their own conditioned minds, with no true purpose anymore, possibly posing more danger than ever before if the right messages of peace cannot be delivered to the NK military over harsh borders.