I am the creator of CODE Portal and after finding a “Teacher of Computing” vacancy in my own town I discovered that I might have new responsibilities. After reading about the teaching position I realized that I’m not just creating a tool. I’m also acting as a teacher through that tool. I’m not a qualified teacher, although I wish I was and cannot attend University because I do not have the funds. That doesn’t mean I can’t take notice of teaching practices and consider them in my designs for CODE Portal.

Here is the list copied and edited a little from totaljobs.com.

  • I should have knowledge and understanding of the nature of the curriculum and its development. This is something I’ve been reading a lot about and I think I’m grasped it. Applying it to the CODE Portal is a challenge but I can do it. I’ll be blogging more about this specifically.
  • I need to have knowledge and understanding of the relevant area(s) of the pre-school, primary or secondary curriculum. Pre-School is not an area I’ve considered but the CODE Portal could begin with some basic games for Nurseries. This would be an additional update once the portal project was well established.
  • A teacher must have knowledge and understanding of planning coherent and progressive teaching programmes. I’m essentially practicing this for the first time but when applied to software, logical steps, inputs and expected outputs (outcomes). I think I’ll do well.
  • The next item in the list states “Having knowledge and understanding of contexts for learning to fulfil their responsibilities in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and interdisciplinary learning”. I won’t go into too much detail but I’m confident I have this covered in my planning i.e. Inclusion is a subject I’ve read, understood and will encourage within the portal.
  • Now comes one I have little knowledge on from a teacher’s perspective. It states, “Having knowledge and understanding of the principles of assessment, recording, and reporting”. I know how to record, assess and report but I don’t know how it’s done within an educational environment. I’m assuming teachers like to do things in specific ways.
  • The portal would need to offer coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match learners’ needs and abilities. This is something I would need to implement but to ensure the portal achieves these requirements. I want the task and module system to allow Schools to add more programmes. That will allow each School to cater for different needs as they arise.
  • The job requires the applicant to be efficient in “communicating effectively and interact productively with learners, individually and collectively”. This does not apply to me unless at some stage in the future I reach my dream of teaching, using the CODE Portal itself.
  • I need to employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of learners.
  • Creating a safe, caring and purposeful learning environment is an important goal for the portal. If I can achieve it in my design, it means I understand these needs.

After going through this bulleted list, I’m confident that I have a strong understanding because I already covered each point in a way that applies to this project. It will be important for me to read these over again though if the project takes off.