I bet you’re looking for the right developer to create a WordPress plugin. You want someone who is professional. You don’t want time wasters and your not a time waster yourself. You don’t want cheap rates because too cheap is usually too good to be true.

But…what if there is another way that gets you a plugin and it doesn’t cost a fortune?!

  • Your plugin code follows WordPress standards.
  • Your plugin uses the WP core when it can.
  • Your plugin includes a working settings page.
  • Your plugin includes an installation wizard.

You can look at my latest plugin development to truly understand what you’ll get. First, let me explain why the price is so much lower compared to most freelance plugin projects.

Freelance Plugin Projects

Over the years I’ve browsed hundreds of freelance jobs requesting new WordPress plugins to be created. A pattern became clear in how clients (the hiring party) asks for help and much of the time they are trading quality for money savings.

Clients Gets WHAT Clients Want

  • Clients request for their plugin be created and working as quickly as possible. It often seems like the new plugin will go live straight after being handed over. Problem: even the smallest plugin can sneak a security vulnerability into a live site. A plugin might work as intended but it doesn’t make it safe.
  • Clients rarely ask for high-quality work that adheres to WordPress standards, as if they just want it to look right and appear to be working as intended. Problem: many freelancers will act on the assumption that the client knows nothing about web languages and WP coding standards. Meaning shortcuts and laziness might sneak into the new plugin while they work hard towards a deadline the client set.
  • Clients often explain the full purpose of their dream plugin with a paragraph of text and a truly detailed list of specifications to guide the freelancer is often missing. Problem: the developer has room to make assumptions and the lesser ethical ones take liberty with their interpretation of description.
  • Clients usually don’t know how to tell if a freelancers portfolio truly covers WordPress development and they take the entire portfolio as evidence of a professional who can get the job done right. Problem: the freelancer might still be learning the WP core and in their hurry to finish the plugin they fail to utilize WordPress as much as they could. A project with a poor start can grow badly and be finding someone willing to upgrade the plugin might be difficult because working with it is a headache.

Most freelancers are always professional and never give up on trying to make the client happy. Sometimes that isn’t enough though because when a project starts wrong, it all goes wrong!

My £9.99 Solution

It’s simple really. All I’m suggesting is that you split your project into phases and achieve simple goals at the end of each phase. It won’t cost more, it might actually save you money. You can do this by starting the core of your plugin for just £9.99 and here is how it will make a difference later:

  • My £9.99 plugin comes with the highest standard WordPress development as found in some of the most popular plugins. We will set the bar high for future development and no freelancer will have an excuse for lazy coding.
  • I’ll be your 2nd opinion when you hire someone to continue the work I started. We can quickly establish if your hired developer paid any attention to the standards laid out clearly in your existing plugin or did they ignore it and apply their own styles or re-invent things they didn’t need to.
  • Your new developer can even contact me directly for free advice on where to get started within the existing core.
  • Your new plugin will have a proper Settings page which uses the WP Options API.
  • Your new plugin will have an example WP List Table (like the one posts are listed in) because this is a very common request in plugins. The example allows us to get started on new table views very quickly.
  • Your new plugin will have an Installation Wizard. This makes it easier for you to get it running. If your planning on selling your plugin, this will add value to your package.
  • Your new plugin will have a Help tab, that you (your hired developer) can customize and fill with any help content you need.

Next Step

This service is offered using the WordPress Plugin Seed – a boilerplate plugin that allows quick development of new plugins. This is why my service only costs £9.99 and there are no restrictions on what you can do with the finished work. Contact me with some basic information and you’ll get your plugin within 48 hours (usually within 24). It will be installable and have the initial features expected in any plugin.

Please copy and paste the following list then update it with your answers. Send the following information using the Contact page:

  • Plugin Title
  • Description of the plugins purpose.
  • Is your plugin going to be uploaded to the WordPress.org repository?
    • If yes, do you want me to handle it and manage the project as the main developer? This isn’t set in stone should you wish someone else to take over.
    • If no, do you intend to upload it to any other repository where a developer or myself can continue updating it?
  • Will your plugin have a premium edition?
    • If yes, what sites do you plan to sell it on?
  • Are you looking for someone to expand the plugin further?
    • If yes, are you open to offers from myself?
    • If no, do you plan to create jobs on a freelance website that I could apply to?

More About WordPress Plugin Seed

I created the WordPress Plugin Seed, a boilerplate plugin that acts like a template. The seed is based on WooCommerce by Automattic and I prepared it for generic plugin development. Automattic has already paved the way for a specific approach to plugin development which makes sense. New WP developers can learn a lot from the seed plugin and it’s easily understood design should save time when upgrading it. This should translate to money savings for you.