WordPress Plugin Seed

WordPress Plugin Seed is a boilerplate plugin that can be downloaded on GitHub. If you want to create a new plugin from scratch but save many hours of time, start with the plugin seed.


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More About the Project

This project marks a recent time (April in 2017) during which I decided to change how I worked as a Web Developer. Until recently I’ve been building a Web Development business. One day I realized that growing security costs and other daily operations to protect an online business were out of my control and in control of hackers or anyone who wished to attack my operations. I had actually received a threat from a competitor and I did suffer hacks immediately afterward. So a new strategy was required for my stress levels to come down and the Plugin Seed was beginning of the strategy.

I’m Now Freelancing

My new strategy was to become a Freelancer and focus on building a personal portfolio. My strategy included reducing costs by moving each website to a free package on WordPress.com My focus is now on delivering information, rather than visually impressive themes. I’m making more use of GitHub, Slack, Trello, Skype, Discord, and other 100% free services to continue my operations.

What does this have to do with the Plugin Seed?

WPSeed Logo for Facebook Profile ImageWordPress Plugin Seed was created for my personal use. I plan to update most of my old WP plugins using the new boilerplate. Add a new site on WordPress.com for each project and I’m essentially re-launching each plugin. It’s all part of a fresh new start and this boilerplate plugin for WordPress is critical as it offers a solid, stable, and easy to work with design. I actually took many design approaches from Automattic themselves. My use of their high standards ensures that my freelance portfolio is about to increase in quality.

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