A plugin for the gaming community, especially PC gamers who are used to multitasking. The plugin can be found on as ‘Channel Solution for Twitch’ but I codenamed the project TwitchPress, it’s far catchier! The plugin’s key feature, that easily makes it the best Twitch plugin for WordPress. Is the extension system, which opens the door to all kinds of possibilities focused on syncing data between any domain and Twitch. This plugin is suitable for individuals, stream teams, and with the development of more extensions, we can launch public services similar to BraneBot.


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I released a prototype plugin for WordPress called Channel Solution for Twitch in 2016 and I felt the plugin was far from acceptable. Nothing felt right about my approach and the entire design would have made future development difficult. So I got started on learning more about the highest level of WP development. A chat with Brian from WPMUDEV helped me to realize where I was going wrong, things got interesting!

My first step towards improving my work was to learn more about the highest level of WP development. A chat with Brian from WPMUDEV helped me to realize where I was going wrong, certainly thinks just clicked for me. It was like a lightbulb switching on in my head and within a matter of weeks, my entire approach to development had changed.

TwitchPress WordPress to Twitch to WordPressI put what I learned to good use in a plugin named WPSeed (a boilerplate) and then used the seed plugin to make the TwitchPress attractive. The final design was released in May 2017, it is now on a whole other level.

Extension System

A key feature in the update was an extension system. The approach to extendability is based on WooCommerce by Automattic. I’ve adapted it for a more generic installation procedure and plan to expand it with a diagnostic mode. These features are critical for building a public service offering channel control through Kraken (Twitch API). The plugin can be used for personal channel management but the larger goal is to support services similar to BraneBot.

Free and Premium Extensions

Right now, the project is still new and extensions are yet to roll-out. There will be a mix of free and premium extensions. The free extensions will be available on and premium ones will probably be sold on CodeCanyon. There is a very long list of expected features and abilities.

  • Jukebox and music management.
  • Chat bot and use of a bot in general.
  • Subscriber, Patreon, and donator management.
  • Games and fun activities.
  • Competitiones, raffles, and giveaways.
  • Points, credits, ranks.
  • Social networking and sharing.

That list starts to look different when we’re talking about putting related features into extensions for TwitchPress. Here are some extensions that we’ll need to create, some will be free and the most advanced will be premium.

  • IRC Chat (triggers, timed messages, commands)
  • IRC Bot (more advanced and smarter than IRC Chat extension)
  • Moderator Interface
  • Host Channels Management
  • Team Management (lots of automation between channels and WP)
  • Analytics (truly understand a channel, its viewers, and hosts)
  • Multi-Account Service (more security and ability to provide a public service)
  • Jukebox Extension
  • Social Extension (lots of automation and clever network building)
  • Chat Games
  • Google Drive (backup raffle data, auto update a winners spreadsheet and more)

It is my understanding that nobody has brought WordPress and Twitch together to create a strong public service. If I can achieve the list of extensions above, there is nothing stopping anyone from creating a competitor of all streaming solutions.

The great thing about the extension system is that developers, even ones who are new to WordPress, can quickly extend TwitchPress because it is very easy to make an extension.

Potential Twitch Innovation

As a web developer, working with many aspects of the web. I see things differently from most Twitch streamers, who aren’t web developers or even working in the IT industry. I have identified a long list of possible features that will help gamers to compete for viewers. I’ll mention some here, but keep the best to myself because right now I don’t have any income at all. If I’m lucky there will be a large enough audience to sell some of my best work too.

  • Automatic music/artist based quiz, based on currently playing music.
  • WooCommerce Integration (auto apply discounts for subscribers and more)
  • Viewer Challenges (complete a list of tasks to gain credits or more raffle entries). Tasks could include following other channels in a specific team or viewing a specific video.
  • I’m saying nothing else, my ideas are endless and if you like what your reading. Please go to the TwitchPress today.

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